7.05.2003 - We increase tariff for EBS Dialer. It is best offer to webmasters!

11.04.2003 - New DialerClub Design.

  Welcome to DialerClub, Europe's leading multiple money making program. Dialers are essentially an alternative way to bill customers/surfers that do not have, or do not want to use, a credit card to access websites.

Great rates,holds, big money! When using our dialer you will be promoting a small windows executable (.exe file) with ActiveX auto install technology that when downloaded and executed connects the surfer via an international or premium number call to a premium adult site. For every minute that the surfer stays connected viewing the site you are paid by us. You may NEVER use the word "free" in conjunction to the advertisement, dialers are not free - a telephone charge will appear on the surfers phone bill.

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