7.05.2003 - We increase tariff for EBS Dialer. It is best offer to webmasters!

11.04.2003 - New DialerClub Design.

  Advertisement: You can use any description of graphical image to promote Dialer Club, but you can't use word "free" or describe our service as free (for example, a gift). You can't say that a user can get any illegal materials on our site for example: Child Pornography, Violence, ect. We have the right to terminate anyone using these dialers in a deceptive or unfair way. Do not offer surfers anything that we don't have on our site. Spamming newsgroups, e-mails, ICQ are prohibited!!! If you brake the advertisement rules, your account will be deleted and no money will be paid back.

Payments and payrates: At this time we are providing wire transfer payments and checks. Payment fee is $25 per transfer and $10 per check.. Minimum payment ammount is $100. All check payments are in US funds. All current payrates can be found here. We have the right to increase or decrease rates without warning you. Before payment is made, we must check all stats with billing, but the dialer billing decision is always final.

Hold time: Because we need to collect money from the dialer billing for the calls that users make by Dialer Club, we take 45 days hold time for Coloumb and 18 days after month for EBS. That means that all minutes counted to you in March will be paid in 15 of May (for example). This risk free practice allow us to give you high payrates.